Our residential and commercial Property Managment Services.

Total Property Management has carved out a niche market in Canberra, in particular with Property Management services. Our team is focused on creating a total property management service that offers an exclusive and ongoing relationship with our many clients.

We know we can’t be everything to everyone, and our focus is on specialising in property management so that all our resources and services are focused on this sector of the market, ensuring we give maximum service.

We provide a variety of property management services in Canberra and the surrounding regions.

Step 1. Rental appraisal.

We’ll meet with you and discuss your desired outcomes, the current rental conditions, and review the market and demand.

Step 2. Preparation and Marketing.

We will review your property and provide any recommendations before going to market to ensure that your property’s value is maximised. We will also design your innovative marketing strategy to help maximise results.

Step 3. Finding the right tenant.

Using both our pre-qualified tenants and market strategies, we will find the right tenant for your property and conduct all reference and relevant checks. Our team will keep you updated throughout this process.

Step 4. Managing your property.

We will stay in contact with the tenant, manage requests, ensure rent is paid on time, and assist with any repairs and maintenance in consultation with the owner.

Step 5. End of tenancy and review.

We will contact you to discuss your options before the end of any tenancy, conduct any relevant inspections, manage the end of the lease, review the rent and provide any recommendations based on market research, and consider options moving forward.

Need help or have a question? Ask our 24/7 AI Assistant

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Our 24/7 AI assistant.

If an emergency does occur, we will attend to it immediately and offer 24/7 help through our virtual AI property assistant.

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This offers a great deal of comfort for our landlords, in particular, to know we can control any emergency situation that may arise with their properties after hours. In turn, it also offers an exclusive service to our tenants enabling them to access emergency repairs via our office, thus ensuring that the property is maintained or repaired as quickly as possible.

We believe that our 24-hour AI property assistant is extremely innovative and offers a premium service to our many clients.

Property inspections.

In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (1997), we will conduct inspections of properties, and compile a digital report for the owner and tenant, detailing any areas of concern or items that require attention.

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Should any inspection be unsatisfactory, a second inspection will be carried out, and we’ll work with tenants to ensure outstanding items are rectified. Initial inspections are carried out in the first month, and then even six months thereafter, as in accordance with the Act.

A final inspection of your property is carried out using the ingoing Inventory and Condition report and photos. Any items requiring attention will be addressed with the vacating tenants. When we are satisfied with the condition of the property the bond will be disbursed.

Finding the right tenant.

Using our list of pre-qualified tenants and marketing strategies, we will make it our priority to find a suitable tenant for your property.

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Once suitable tenants are identified, we will conduct rental references, employment checks, and personal and emergency detail verification to ensure a reliable tenant is selected.

Once the application has been reviewed, we will contact you for consultation and provide our recommendations, and you will receive market feedback until a tenant is secured.

Caring for your property.

Repairs and maintenance will be carried out as required in consultation with the owner. We can also implement a maintenance program to care for items requiring regular attention, like cleaning drains and pruning, to ensure your property is kept in premium condition.

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We will also let you know of any preventative maintenance that needs to be carried out to prevent any major problems in the future.

In accordance with the Act, we will also attend to emergency repairs to ensure your property is well maintained. If an emergency does occur, we will attend to it immediately and offer 24/7 help through our virtual property assistant.

End to end accounting.

We’re all about making our clients’ lives stress-free. We can arrange the payment of outgoings for your property from rent collected on your behalf, including statutory charges. All accounts paid on your behalf will be forwarded to you.

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The payment of Management Fees will be deducted from funds held in trust on your behalf and will be deducted before the funds are disbursed to your nominated account. These are summarised in your monthly income and expenditure reports. Of course, all management fees are tax-deductible.

Detailed income and expenditure statements are forwarded to you electronically at the end of each month. These statements list paid to dates for the tenant, funds received, funds held in trust for pending accounts, outgoings for the month and details of the bank account where funds were disbursed to. Copies of any invoices will also be attached to your monthly statements for your taxation records.

At the end of the financial year, a detailed income and expenditure statement is produced for your property. This will summarise the total income and expenditure for the past financial year, itemised into categories such as management fees, repairs and maintenance, rates, land tax, water and unit levies where applicable. This statement can be forwarded to your accountant for taxation purposes.

TPM operates a Trust Account for all funds received on your behalf. Accounts are finalised on a mid-month and/ or monthly basis, and deposits are made by direct credit into your nominated account(s).

Communicating with tenants.

We know that communication is key to ensuring a smooth tenancy. We will say in contact with the tenant, and any requests or concerns received will be relayed to the owner with our suggested course of action.

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We will always give you our professional advice and ensure your property is managed professionally.

We will stay in contact with you regarding all tenancy communication, lease renewals, attendance at any tribunal matters, marketing and communication, updated market appraisals, and preparation of all lease documentation.

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