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Our team consists of registered and licensed agents, all who have extensive experience throughout Canberra and surrounding regions. Highly professional and amongst the best in Canberra, our team puts clients first and ensures services are tailored to clients’ needs.

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Craig Bright.
Managing Director & New Business

Licensed Agent & Auctioneer (ACT/NSW)
Associate Diploma in Real Estate (REIA)
Director of Real Estate Institute of the ACT
Board Member (ACT Director) of the Real Estate Institute of Australia Agency Awards

With constantly changing market conditions, Craig understands the importance of keeping up with the latest innovative technologies to get the job done. He emphasises making sure that the finest software and hardware is used to present properties in the best possible light.

With more than 20 years committed to professional service, Craig is well known throughout Canberra and the surrounds for his intimate knowledge of the ACT marketing and extensive industry network.

Craig is a fully licensed agent and auctioneer and has been involved with many major projects within the ACT. Focusing on providing tailored strategies to ensure excellent property management, Craig believes that providing a dedicated management service to residential investment property owners ensures that client’s needs are put first and foremost in the leasing process.

He prides himself on representing only quality property in the ACT, and striving towards professional and experienced management that ensures growth and harmony.

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Ainslie Thomas.
Sales Agent
General Manager – Property Management
Registered Agent ACT & NSW

Over 22 years’ industry experience
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)
TPM Property Manager of the Year 2017

Arriving at TPM already with a wealth of experience, the last 12-years have flown by, and Ainslie now leads the Total Property Management team.

From her time as a young enthusiastic cadet in Melbourne to her now industry-leading role, Ainslie has devoured the knowledge from her expert mentors. As a result, she has adapted to the ever-changing property management and sales landscape and has continually used technology to innovate and stay ahead.

Ainslie is an expert at thinking outside of the box and finding the best solution to each situation, and knows it's important to find out the best solution for each individual, whether a tenant, owner, client or staff member.

When not delivering the best property management services in Canberra, Ainslie will either be spoiling her fur baby Berkley, or out learning to play golf.

Ainslie approaches everything as Mark Twain suggested: ‘Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth’.

With a strong commitment to going the extra mile, a comprehensive knowledge of legislation, and a unique understanding of how to bring together her team’s expertise, she will deliver the best possible outcome for the client while maximising return and providing security.

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Carly Hutch.
Sales Agent
Licensed Agent & Senior Property Manager

Over 20 years’ industry experience
Diploma of Property Services

As an integral member of the team, and a Licensed Agent, Carly’s extensive experience and good time management skills put her on the list of most experienced professionals in Canberra.

Having worked as a Senior Property Manager, Sales Agent, and Manager, Carly’s 12-year career at TPM has seen her meet challenges and exceed expectations daily.

Carly considers client satisfaction, good working relationships, and a good return on investment to be core to all she does.

Knowing that ‘tomorrow is a new day’ Carly always aspires to improve upon the last. She approaches her professional relationships with friendliness, good communication, and exceptional customer service in order to stand at the cutting edge of her profession.

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Lesley Douglas.
Property Manager

Over 15 years’ industry experience
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)
TPM Top Leasing Manager 2020

Having worked in the property management industry for more than 15 years, Lesley is a long-term professional with long-term clients loyal to her high standard of service.

Lesley is an expert at matching the right people to the right home with communication skills that excel. Awarded Top Leasing Manager 2020 for TPM, clients know that Lesley is reliable and will work to ensure they are satisfied and listened to.

Professionally, Lesley considers her 11-year tenure at TPM to be one of her most significant achievements and is looking forward to the next milestone, which is sure to go ‘straight to the poolroom’. Personally, Lesley says that ‘my family is my biggest personal achievement’.

When not working with clients at TPM, Lesley cruises the seas and dreams of her much-awaited Hawaii holiday.

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Call. 02 6260 9513
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TPM Patrick

Patrick Bergman.
Sales Agent
Property Manager

Over 8 years’ industry experience
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)
Bachelors Degree in Sports Management
TPM Listing Agent 2020

Born locally and raised just outside of the city on a property, Patrick intimately knows the ACT and its surroundings.

Having played rugby and travelled to over 20 countries, Patrick knows what it means ‘to go places’ and hasn’t looked back since starting his real estate and property management career.

Patrick approaches his clients in the same way as his friends—focusing on good relationships and trust. Whether meeting new tenants, colleagues, owners, friends, or others in the industry, his excellent communication and people skills combined with years of experience in the industry leave people feeling confident and motivated.

As the Listing Agent 2020 for TPM, Patrick is a highly motivated individual who uses his experience and rapport to provide the highest quality service.

When not making his mark on the industry, you’ll find Patrick listening to live music, watching sport, travelling or spending time at the beach (with many activities often happening concurrently!).

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Call. 02 6260 9520
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Loren Blundell.
Property Manager

Over 7 years’ industry experience
ACT Certificate of Registration in Real Estate & NSW Assistant Agent

With a strong background in administration and banking, Loren knows the numbers and keeps every detail in check. Excelling in time management and with a high attention to detail, Loren is a problem-solver that will leave you feeling confident and in control.

A country girl in a city dress, Loren isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. She’ll do her research, understand your desired outcomes, get to know your property, and most importantly, find the right tenant.

With a great sense of intuition and knowing that ‘happiness is the best makeup’, clients depend on Loren to not only find the right tenant but to find a fair solution for all parties.

Loren is thorough, transparent and honest (just like when she’s showing her two sons who’s boss on the golf course), and will ensure clients not only get a good return on investment, but a life-long relationship.

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Call. 02 6260 9510 / 0418 729 721
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